Hannah Höch  The Bride, 1933  Collage

Hannah Höch—The Bride, 1933 - photomontage with collage elements, 7 x 7 inches. Even the simplest of her images are built from a complex array of pictorial fragments, which in the work of the teens and often reached reckless heights.

hannah hoch

Hannah Höch, Indian Dancer, From an Ethnographic Museum, Photomontage

Hannah Höch

Angst by Hannah Höch is a strangely vulgar display of emotion through the medium of photo-montage.

Hannah Höch, On the Way to Seventh Heaven, 1934

On the Way to Seventh Heaven, 1934 by Hannah Höch * from Venetian Red :: hannah hoch - one of my collage masters ::

Hannah Höch, Never Keep Both Feet on the Ground, 1940

1940 Hannah Höch 'Never Keep Both Feet on the Ground'. Photomontage, 12 x 8 inches

Man geht mit by Hannah Höch, c. 1916

Hannah Höch postcard - Man geht mit 1916 (Mother to Dada movement and one it's few women; puppeteer and early photomontage artist)

Hannah Höch - Love, 1931. Photomontage

Hannah Höch German 1889 – 1978 Love 1931 from the series Love photomontage x cm National Gallery of Australia, Canberra Purchased, 1983

Hannah Hoch

Hannah Höch, Strange beauty, from Ethnographischen Museum [Ethnographic Museum], mixed media collage,

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