Bandung  1992 Teapot Alessi  This appliance was designed to make tea following a traditional principle whereby the teapot itself contains a separate compartment for tea leaves. In a horizontal position, the water reaches the compartment and soaks the leaves, while when positioned vertically, the compartment on top isolates the leaves from the freshly brewed tea. The form is designed to respond to this dual orientation.

Richard Sapper for Alessi, Automatic Teapot Bandung, Photo: Ballo + Ballo.

RIP Michael Graves. Mom still loves your teapot, creamer, and sugar bowl that I bought her in the 1980's. Will think of you when we use it, which is daily.

For the anniversary of his 9093 kettle, Michael Graves created a special edition for Alessi that replaces the bird-shaped whistle with a dragon

Le tire-bouchon Anna G par Alessandro Mendini

Alessi Anna G. Corkscrew, Zamak Beloved Anna G. is modeled after the designer's girlfriend (fellow designer Anna Gili) at the time. Once her raised arms are

Alessi Catalogue - 75,00 € Cafetière italienne Pulcina / 6 tasses Marque : Alessi

Alessi Catalogue

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Alessi Aldo Rossi 2-qt. Il Conico Water Tea Kettle

Aldo Rossi 2-qt. Il Conico Water Tea Kettle

Tea Kettle Conica by Aldo Rossi - For ALESSI. Aldo Rossi was an Italian architect and designer who accomplished the unusual feat of achieving international recognition in four distinct areas: theory, drawing, architecture and product design.

Alessi Peper- en zoutstel Lilliput


"Sense" / Alessi & Oras on Behance

"Sense" is a family of smart faucets where beauty has a holistic meaning that is present in the way they are built and how they behave.The goal of these sculptural objects, is to guide the user into virtuous behaviors that are aimed to save water, genera…

Alessi Alessandro M Corkscrew

Alessi Alessandro M Corkscrew

Alessandro M., Corkscrew designer Alessandro Mendini by Alessi 2003