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Xue Lei's Porcelain Crushed Cans, “Drinking Tea” series consists of crumpled soda cans made out of porcelain and traditional blue and white ink designs.

Tract: William Blake

William Blake The Whirlwind: Ezekiel's Vision of the Cherubim and Eyed Wheels circa Smith Smith Lucas

William Blake

The Great Red Dragon and the Woman clothed with the sun, 1805 - 1810 - William Blake

William Blake

A white haired man in a long, pale robe who flees from us with his hands raised - William Blake

William Blake

William Blake : Satan watching the endearments of Adam and Eve, from Paradise Lost, 1808 - Museum of Fine Arts, Boston


Psychedelic Music of 1967 group has 161 members at Last. Connected artists include Pink Floyd, The Doors, The Rolling Stones. The year 1967 was an important year for psychedelic music. Releases include: The Doors- The Doors, Strange…