L'enfant exterieur retouched by Cristian Girotto with photography by Quentin Curtat

What would you look like if you were a kid and an adult at the same time? Parisian photo retoucher Cristian Girotto and photographer Quentin Curtat bring you L’ Enfant Extérieur (The Outer Child).

Architecture of Density A39 by Michael Wolf

German photographer Michael Wolf's series, 'Architecture of Density', captures Hong Kong's crowded urban landscape. Pictured is 'Architecture of Density Courtesy of Flowers Gallery © Michael Wolf

Photographer Matthias Heiderich takes pictures of colourful candy-striped warehouses

Photographer Matthias Heiderich – putting the candy-striped joy back into warehouse architecture

Forest Stair in the Sti For Øye sculpture park in Stokke, by Norwegian studio Saunders Architecture

Set within the Øye Sculpture Park in Stokke, Norway, Saunders architecture’s Forest Stair is a simple yet elegant intervention into the landscape. The stairs allow the user to step up from the forest floor giving otherwise unobtainable views

Flying Houses 4 by Laurent Chehere

French photographer Laurent Chehere explores inspirational architecture of Paris in his “Flying Houses” series. The collection includes photos of various buildings, hotels, homes, trailers, and tents.

Flying Houses 12 by Laurent Chehere

Flying Houses from Houses of Laurent Chehere Photography. These are a thing of beauty and aesthetic. They are currently on display in Muriel Guépin Gallery, New York, until February Take a look at their portfolio for more.

Between Bridges, Art Club 2000. Untitled (Conrans I) 1992–93

When The Gap Was Everywhere - Art Club Untitled (Conrans I), Chromogenic color print, 8 x 10 inches x cm). Courtesy the artist and the Estate of Colin de Land

Fotografato da Renato Cerisola

Renato photographs the water lilies in the Japanese garden of Giverny, inspired by master painter Claude Monet.

Chelsea Olson, Dinner in NY (2013) by Miho Aikawa

Photos Of New Yorkers Eating Alone At Home Is Not As Depressing As It Sounds - Food Republic

Shuji Kobayashi

The light fantastic shimmers and shines with photographer Shuji Kobayashi