L'enfant exterieur retouched by Cristian Girotto with photography by Quentin Curtat

“L’ Enfant Extérieur” (The Outer Child), a portrait series in which adults have been digitally downsized into adult-child hybrids. The series was created by French photo retoucher Cristian Girotto, in collaboration with photographer Quentin Curtat.

Transform by Bence Bakonyi

Transform, Photos of People Blending in With Their Surroundings ♥ Hungarian photographer Bence Bakonyi matched his models’ clothes to their surrounding for a chameleon-like effect in the photo series “Transform.

Architecture of Density A39 by Michael Wolf

German photographer Michael Wolf's series, 'Architecture of Density', captures Hong Kong's crowded urban landscape. Pictured is 'Architecture of Density Courtesy of Flowers Gallery © Michael Wolf

Forest Stair in the Sti For Øye sculpture park in Stokke, by Norwegian studio Saunders Architecture

Built by Saunders Architecture in Stokke, Norway with date Images by Bent René Synnevåg. This sculptural installation was designed for the Sti For Øye sculpture park in Stokke, set amongst the Vestfold oak .

Flying Houses 4 by Laurent Chehere

French photographer Laurent Chehere explores inspirational architecture of Paris in his “Flying Houses” series. The collection includes photos of various buildings, hotels, homes, trailers, and tents.

Flying Houses 12 by Laurent Chehere

Flying Houses By French photographer Laurent Chehere. The Flying Houses series are on show until December at the Galerie Paris-Beijing, 54 rue Vertbois, Paris