mbaazi (pigeon pea in coconut curry)

Patiently waiting for the results Kenyans are still waiting patiently for the election results. It has taken a long time and hopefully t.

dal dokhri (vegetable stew)

So very much gujju Dal dokhri is a common dish in most gujarati homes.

red chora curry (cowpea curry)

creamy and yummy Cowpeas or chora/choli as its called in gujarati are grown in Asia, Africa and US. The variety of cowpeas are many.

drumstick curry

can we eat drumsticks? The scientific name for drumstick tree is moringa oleifera.


all gujjus should know Kadhi is a regular feature for lunch or dinner in most gujarati homes. Kadhi is usually made to accompany a rice d.

bhinda kadhi (okra curry)

unusual curry Bhinda or lady fingers are very popular in most Indian families.

urad dal (white lentil curry)

My favourite dal Split urad dal (split black grams) is easy, tasty and creamy without the cream. I tend to make this dal every week and.

tuvar dal (split pigeon pea curry)

Neel's orange dal Tuvar dal (split pigeon pea curry) is common in a lot of Gujarati homes.

Mixed dal (mixed lentils)

getting high on protein Finally the rains have decided to pay us a visit and the temperatures have dropped, it's cool but a bit humi.

Mayuri's Jikoni: 660.Chickpea and Sweet Potato Curry

Mayuri's Jikoni: and Sweet Potato Curry