Kenyan cuisine

Kenyan dishes with an Indian and Arabic influence
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390.garlic chilli mogo

Should that be the veggie national dish of UK? Its really baffling that though mogo, cassava, tapioca, yuca does not grow in UK, eve.

223. Maru bhajia

Street food from Mombasa Some years ago kachri bateta was a very popular street food in Mombasa.

479. Mombasa Mix

A filling satisfying snack Packing is all done, finally cleared out the fridge and after breakfast we will be leaving for the airport.

58. kachri bateta

Street food from Mombasa Some years ago kachri bateta was a very popular street food in Mombasa.

vatidar bhajia (cowpea fritters)

Happy Father's day My dad loves any indian farsan or snack, be it samosas, kachoris, bateta vada, arvi pan bhajia etc.

293. Fried mogo (cassava)

For all those missing Mombasa Mogo, cassava, tapioca or yuca, call it what you want. Its a tube root which originated in Paraguay and Bra.

358. egg chapatti

this is my version Egg chapatti is a very famous street food of Mombasa. Come evening and many streets are lined with the jikos (sigri.

371. Kaki's irio

nutritious and filling Much of the African cuisine is not fully discovered as yet by the rest of the world. Though Kenya falls in the .

319. Mogo chaat

simply delicious Cassava is known by many names like yuca, tapioca, mogo, manioc root etc. The rains at the coastal region means that the.

Mayuri's Jikoni: 701. Githeri

Mayuri's Jikoni: 701. Githeri

539. Vitumbua (coconut rice pancake balls)

Vitumbua From the East Coast of Africa Vitumbua (singular kitumbua) pronounced as vee toom booa are the local answer to pa.

233. mbaazi (pigeon pea in coconut curry)

Patiently waiting for the results Kenyans are still waiting patiently for the election results. It has taken a long time and hopefully t.

193. healthy ugali

kenyan diet Ugali or sima as its called down at the coast is a very healthy meal which unfortunately no longer is a part of the daily .

237. kaimati

President elected After a long wait, the election results finally came out yesterday. The final tallying was completed around 2 or 3 .