Lucas Simões | many artists are exploring distorting the surface of a canvas and creating multiple levels of a single image.  This is a particularly nice one...

Out of the Box Magazine: Amazing cut-out photographs by Lucas Simões

Lucas Simões is an mixed media artist from São Paulo that creates hand cut geometrical portraits through ten layers of photographs #collage #layering #brazilian

Hand Cut Geometrical Portraits collage made by through ten layers of photographs by Lucas Simões, Brazilian. Collage through ten layers of photographs.

Layers. Could be an interesting digital interactive layering experience with this. Lucas Simões

Cut-out, collaged portraits by Lucas Chimello Simões

Untrustyou | Lucas Chimello Simoes.

"You were unsure which pain is worse: the shock of what happened or the ache for what never will." —Simon Van Booy artwork by Lucas Chimello Simões

Out of the Box Magazine: Amazing cut-out photographs by Lucas Simões

Cut-outs by Brazilian artist Lucas Chimello Simões. The cut-outs are made with many layers of the same photo. Some of them consist of up to 13 layers.

“Cut Up” Layered Photography by Lucas Simoes

Gallery: Geometric Photocollage Portraits by Lucas Simões

Lucas Simoes Burned Photographs | YOURE NOT HUMAN

Ausência lucas simões on Designspiration

Jordan Clark - D. Mon Chill Drin, 2012

Dee Mon Cheel Dren Art Print by Jordan Clark. This work give me an idea for my portraiture project.

Lucas Simoes created this piece of artwork, he simply burnt through photographs. I love these photographs because they are intriguing as they disguise the woman's identity. I love the colours created by the fire.

“Ausência”, burned photographs by Lucas Simões

luc/SA ..... [lucas simões]

The Mind-Bending Distortions by Lucas Simoes

Adios,  fotografia queimada  burned photograph  10x15cm   2010

Adios, Burned photograph, 10 x 15 cm.

burning photographs - Google Search

lucas simões ‘dry your tears’ nu outono 2010

burning photographs | Lucas Simoes - Google Search

burning photographs | Lucas Simoes - Google Search

This is a book series obviously, I like how the  classify works and also the change is kinda slow, help people to get the meaning and key easily and the point of this work could be ' i wanna get off of here and i failed.' NINEVEH Perspective is key in this book series. The design is based on the various perspective shots of a face. Its sequence suggest movement from the various shot angles as the face starts of facing one way and then the other.

Sequential Waves of Photos Simulate Flipbook

static images that appear to move - quase-cinema - lucas simões

Lucas Simoes

Lucas Simões creates, amongst other things, some fascinating experimental layered artworks from sliced up books and photographs.

antiportrait (Paper craft, Elise Wehle)

Girl Looks Back Collage, Paper Cut, Ink Dimensions: x inches Elise Wehle , holy cow! Her papercuts and collages are absolute.