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Rogo McChudders

The Underground (at least I wish) / I love Undertale and I love Undertale related stuff. Needless to say I'm kinda obssessed with this game and everything involved with it... I'm trash...
Rogo McChudders
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Frisk, Papyrus, and Sans - MobsterUT AU - comic

Frisk the pup, Papyrus, and Sans and Gaster- MobsterUT AU - comic

I wanna know more about Gaster!! by heathazehero

I wanna know more about Gaster! by heathazehero // omg I scrolled down, not realizing it was a GIF then went back up and Gaster appeared. Needless to say, it freaked me out a bit XD

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undertale, mafiatale, mobtale- love mafia AUs for some odd reason

DeviantArt: More Like Camping Trip? by AskTheSanses

don't let the fact that I never drew these two together before fool ya I loooooooove dis ship *ink!sans(c) *error!sans(c)

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human in under tale as This pic contains some of my headcanon- Underswap and Underfell I cannot sure that swap!Frisk is swapped with Chara or not ‘~’ And I want to say that Dusttale human is neither Chara nor Frisk. They were rather the player who.

Echo fight

yamsgarden: “ Ahh gift for who made an amazing Undertale animation that really inspired me! Be sure to check it out if you haven’t yet :D I got too much to say again but hear more of my.

qin-ying: “ ““Passing Afternoon” ” ‘you’ll wake up, we’ll go home, eat pap’s spaghetti, lie on the couch… stuffed.’ You’ll laugh. You’ll grow. ‘…welcome home, lil pup.’ Another favourite AU ended :’) I will miss this trio and all their antics.

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