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Connect the Dots

When you stare into a space you’re not happy with or is new to you, it’s easy to think you simply have a design issue. And granted, sometimes that’s all it really is. But if you’re suddenly or obstinately fixated on this “problem,” there’s likely a connection to something e

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The Clutter Conundrum

If your home is so filled to the gills that you find yourself avoiding being there or ever letting anyone else in, you likely have a clutter problem. If your home is so filled to the gills that you find yourself never wanting to leave it, you either have a clutter problem or it’s simply your

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Deliciously Imperfect

Here’s the thing about incessantly trying to reach perfect: it robs you of so much other joy. It’s a moving target. It saps the best of you. It stalls your big, shiny impact on the world. And it takes forever … because you don’t ever truly get there.

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Shades of Gray

I love how a black and white photo can strip away the obvious and dare the eye to consider ... the subject, the light, the composition, the mood, the textures, the emotions. There's something about black and white that tugs at the deeper parts of me.

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On Planet Mom

In the midst of motherhood, I made time to "pretty things up."

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Blaming the House

I’ve called a truce with all the icky. The truce goes like this: You’ll stay ugly and dysfunctional and I’ll pretend not to notice. Until I do.

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Adios, Stuckville.

Call it woo-woo or wacky or wonderful, but I believe HOME is the best foundation for an inspired, happy, meaningful, out-of-orbit kind of delicious life . If you align the spaces of your home with who you are and who you aspire to be, the path to your greatest good is w

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Home Again

On Day 50-1/2 of the house-hunt-from-hell, I received the best voice mail ever. “We’d love to have you and Phoebe move in.”

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YOU are Part of the Art...

My expanding self sees all the flaws and has in mind a more elegant design. My day-to-day, creative writer self is in no hurry to upscale anything. She may be a bit hesitant to say goodbye to things that mark such a transformational period in her life.

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Your Creativity is WAITING - Part 2

What if you just decided you were going to become creative in your own magical, authentic way? What if you were willing to simply start, wherever you are, to take some steps to become that person? The only thing that keeps you from being creative is not creating!

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Your Creativity is WAITING

It took me a while to figure out that creativity at home is really just a game of confidence and willingness to take risks and, yes, fail miserably sometimes. In my 30s, I used the space of disappointment in my life to birth something new in myself. I began to see and utilize my home