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Rather than buying a pre-made wood fired cedar hot tub, we decided to make our own! It was simple, and we made a video series documenting how we did it.

A multi-part video series on how to build your own wood-fired cedar hot tub for pennies compared to buying one retail!

Deck Design Idea – This Raised Wood Deck Is Actually A Sliding Pool Cover | CONTEMPORIST

Perfect for small spaces. This raised wooden deck in the backyard is actually a pool cover.

Timelessly Marvelously Functional And Easy Diy Picnic Table Ideas For Ideal Lunchtime Outside

Replace board of picnic table with rain gutter. Fill with ice and enjoy! -we could do this, but not make it into a picnic table. Just an outside table with chairs

Awesome Inventions (lNVENTlONS) on Twitter

Stone set inside glass with a red LCD screen. The floor looks like lava,. Lol don't touch the floor. Dear Santa Stone set inside glass with a red LCD screen The floor looks like lava Lol don't touch the

This is insane! | Equus Bass 770 | GO FOLLOW @onepercentwhips

Equus Bass I were to go down a muscle car route this one looks like it would fit the bill

I want these to be road legal on the streets in the US!