these pictures are so coo how the swirl on the photo distorts the face.

jean faucheur (The Jealous Curator)

Dizzying collages, with an absolutely dreamy palette, by French artist Jean Faucheur. Um, does anyone know where I can get scissors to cut perfect circles?

Laurence Demaison, light reflection Reflected/Bubbles/Face/Duplicated/Strange/Obscure

The Map and the Territory, Michel Houellebecq Houellebecq’s most recent book, winner of the Prix Goncourt, is a brutal satire of the art wo.

Absorbed | by Ade Santora More

Ade Santora is a photographer from Bekasi, Indonesia, who creates incredible abstract and conceptual images using a variety of apps on his iPhone. We asked him a few questions about his photography and the art of digital manipulation.

Juxtapoz Magazine - No Special Effects: Photography by Laurence Demaison

No Special Effects: Photography by Laurence Demaison

The photographic work of Laurence Demaison is exclusively constituted by self-portraits from 1993 to Since 2010 she occasionally uses mannequins.

Laurence Demaison - Water Portraits

These unique images are from the series "Les Eautres" by French photographer Laurence Demaison .


Haunting, conceptual black and white photography by Laurence Demaison

Laurence Demaison - Semaphore n°10

All About Laurence Demaison, photographer on All About Photo. Search our database of over hundreds of photographers by their name or specialty.

Laurence Demaison - Wrinkles in space-time and the shifting self

Wrinkles in space-time and the shifting self - Synaptic Stimuli laurence demaison