"Near, far, wherever you are..."  Patricia Hodge & Miranda Hart

"Near, far, wherever you are." Patricia Hodge & Miranda Hart Been watching "Miranda" on Hulu+

An Ideal Christmas))

It’s a celebration of family, love and giving that can descend into boozy bickering. Miranda Hart – aka Britain’s Chief Christmas Agony Aunt – addresses the pitfalls.

Miranda Hart

Miranda the tv series on BBC two - now to BBC one! Can't wait for the third season. Here's Miranda doing her thang. Disclaimer: The music is "Don't Feel Like.

Day 5 (Part One) of the Miranda Advent Calendar: Since the UK is experiencing GALE force winds today, you'll get a double dose of Dr Gail! -- Dr Gail, there's a rash on my breast - Miranda, Series 2 Episode 6 - BBC Two


Miranda - I Wish the Ground Could Have Swallowed Me Up (+playlist)