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I love my alcoholism, I despised it for a long time in my sobriety. Today, I realize it's the best side of me (I feel very alive sober)

Life Planning & Life Transformation...

Let’s do another before I head out to lunch. This chart combines two of my favorite formats, the Venn (made famous by the nerds/geeks/dweebs chart) and the yin-yang. The two venn.

this is my guy

Robert Downey Jr is Hollywood artist. In 2013 movies Robert Downey Jr is a name that needs no introduction. The work of Robert Downey Jr in any movie increases the ratings of that movie. We provide our users his online movie videos

I love....

I love my Son and while you were here and not Heaven you did do great things and will ALWAYS be my baby and I will ALWAYS be proud of what you did. Love You Forever