Good Night, Mr. Tom - A classic, for good reason!

About a boy who does things differently and is not bothered with what others think of him - Good Night, Mr. Tom by Michelle Magorian

Archie's War - a great multi genre text full of narrative and non narrative items

Archie's war : my scrapbook of the First World War, [Marcia Williams] -- When Archie is given a scrapbook for his tenth birthday in he chronicles the next four years of his life using documents, artifacts, and comic strips.

World War 2 History cookbook - Cookit!

World War II saw blackouts, bomb shelters, rationing, mass evacuation and the loss of many lives. Surprisingly, it also saw people eating a more healthy diet than many eat today.

Run Rabbit Run - fabulous WW2 themed book, full of adventure as a family go on the run to avoid conscription

Run Rabbit Run - great WWII themed book about a father and his two children on the run. Lots of cliff hangers and some real issues of trust and friendship, a great read too.

THE BLITZ, 1940 - 1941 | Imperial War Museums

H The ruins of Coventry cathedral two days after the German Luftwaffe air raid on the city on the night of 14 November

Carrie's War - A classic

Evacuated from London to Wales during World War II, Carrie and her brother are sent to live with the very strict Mr Evans. In trying to heal the breach between Mr Evans and his estranged sister, Carrie does the worst thing she ever did in her life.

Rose Blanche, observations of wartime Germany from a window, upper KS2 picture text

Rose Blanche - Christophe Gallaz, Ian McEwan, Roberto Innocenti Great book for study/Plot

blitz art - Google Search

blitz art - Google Search

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