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“Leopard Silhouette” by Andrew Schoeman

Leopard Silhouette by Andrew Schoeman was photo of the day on July Earth Shots is a photo of the day contest celebrating the beauty and diversity of our planet.

Tree climbing lion, Isasha Plains, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda by Joke Kok Photography

AMAZING Lion shot in Uganda wowser! Kidepo Valley National Park, a prime piece of African wilderness, literally untouched by the outside world and nestled in the border triangle of Uganda, Kenya and South Sudan

Mufasa and simba <3:-D

This tiny cub cuddled up to its father and gave a big yawn to the photographer at Odense Zoo, Denmark. :-) Father/Cub time, now that's hard to capture, u don't see this often!

South Africa encompasses one of the most diverse landscapes on the entire continent. Habitats ranging from verdant forests, stony deserts and soaring mountains to lush grasslands and classic African savannahs are home to an astounding number and variation of species...   Read more:

I love that all you can see is the giraffe's silhouette and the only color in the photo is the sunset in the background. Giraffe Silhouette - Taken late afternoon as this giraffe came into a river crossing