15 Organizational Hacks That’ll Make You Like Doing Laundry via Brit + Co.

I could spend a day in that laundry room! The Gabrielle rail-and-peg system from Pottery Barn includes shelves, a hanging canvas hamper and a drying rack that can be configured to suit various spaces and organizing needs.

Smeg fridge, IKEA VARD cabinet and shelf

Smeg fridge, IKEA VARDE cabinet and shelf Ikea needs to bring back the varde kitchen island.

Chalkboard range hood cover!

I'm not sure i love this or hate it. A TV over the stove, and lamp on the refrigerator - does it work for you? In a small space, it kinda does - the stove blends into the background and the fridge transforms into a piece of furniture Clever really!

Trendy Pendant Lamps Over Cool White Single Farmhouse Sink And ...

The Hither Green Shaker Kitchen by deVOL - contemporary - Kitchen - London - deVOL Kitchens

Window shelves Digging into Spring with Ikea 2013 #gardening #Spring #kitchen

for big kitchen window? there’s a window, there’s a way to garden. Work with IKEA window shelves, plants, pots and hanging rails to create a scaled-down gardening spot.


simple style, open shelves Kitchen shelves should be organized by the household chef, records rearranged by your in-house DJ. Keep an open space.