Michelin Dessert Recipes

Collection by Olivia McGorlick

Olivia McGorlick
Custard tart

Egg Custard Tart Recipe - Great British Chefs

This egg custard tart recipe is the king of all custard tart recipes - created by the legendary Marcus Wareing it has been served to the Queen. A custard tart fit for royalty.

Caramel panna cotta with homemade gingerbread

Caramel Panna Cotta Recipe With Gingerbread - Great British Chefs

This panna cotta recipe by Josh Eggleton from the multi-award winning Pony Trap is a little different with its caramel flavoured and served with gingerbread

Gooseberry custard tart with gooseberry and ginger sorbet

Gooseberry Custard Tart Recipe & Ginger Sorbet - Great British Chefs

Glorious gooseberries are at their peak in the summer months, so enjoy them with this simple yet exquisite gooseberry tart recipe from Nathan Outlaw.

Mini white chocolate muffins

Mini White Chocolate Muffins Recipe - Great British Chefs

This white chocolate muffin recipe from Andy Waters will make a delightful mass of mini muffins you can enjoy for a dessert or a sweet snack. They're simple to make at home

Chocolate and peanut mousse cake with gingerbread ice cream

Chocolate & Peanut Cake Recipe - Great British Chefs

An indulgent dessert, Josh Eggleton’s chocolate peanut mousse cake will entice any chocolate lover

Milk chocolate and hazelnut flapjack

Milk Chocolate Flapjack Recipe With Hazelnuts - Great British Chefs

Top chef Josh Eggleton provides the ultimate chocolate flapjack recipe - which is a simple to make as it is tasty.

Fig, hazelnut and ale cake

Fig Hazelnut & Ale Cake Recipe - Great British Chefs

This is a spectacular recipe by Nathan Outlaw, using dried figs, hazelnuts and ale for a delicious cake. Fig cake is wonderful for tea or dessert.

Caipirinha sorbet

Caipirinha Sorbet Recipe - Great British Chefs

Marcello Tully from Kinloch Lodge adds Cachaça to make a brilliant caipirinha sorbet recipe. Wonderful for hot weather and as a spirited palette cleanser