Refuge Wear Installation    1995

London East End 1998 Refuge Wear, Intervention London East End 1998 Refuge Wear Installation 1995 Lucy Orta (b.

Ana Rewakowicz - SleepingDress prototype 1-2

The 20 Weirdest Sleeping Bags You Never Knew You Couldn't Live Without

In collaboration with the FWM, Marie-Ange Guilleminot created Sea Urchin, a sculptural object that, like many of her previous works, derives its meaning from its potential to be transformed. In this case, the simple materials of tyvek and rope are ingenuously designed to create a cape, pillow, skirt, parachute, and tent—the object can be transformed from one incarnation to the next by using the system of rope pulls, which are made functional by a series of sliding and end knots

Marie-Ange Guilleminot with Sea Urchin, Photo credit: Aaron Igler.


Expanding to a reported 30 times their normal size, the underpants were on the brink of engulfing fellow passengers when an enterprising rider deflated the portentous panties with a pencil.