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a colorful christmas tree made out of paper
Colorful Quilled Typography by Sabeena Karnik — Colossal
an open book sitting on top of a blue satin covered table cloth with the letter g
Work – Sagmeister & Walsh
Work – Sagmeister & Walsh
a poster with words written on it
83 Inspiring Artists -- Stefan Sagmeister ideas | sagmeister, stefan sagmeister, sagmeister and walsh
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a man with red paint on his face in front of a poster
GUTS - Stefan Sagmeister
GUTS - Stefan Sagmeister on Behance
a poster with the words having guts always works out for me on it's back
GUTS - Stefan Sagmeister
GUTS - Stefan Sagmeister on Behance Plus
a woman's face is covered in red dots and the words happy new year
Homage Stefan Sagmeister
The booklet is dedicated to the work of Stefan Sagmeister.
a woman in sunglasses blowing bubbles into the air
Stefan Sagmeister es un diseñador gráfico y director de arte austriaco.
a red book with a black and white image of a german shepard on the cover
Sagmeister: Made You Look
Sagmeister: Made You Look: Stefan Sagmeister, Peter Hall: 9780810905979: Books
a book cover with a drawing of a man standing in front of the camera and text that reads, what do you think about the happy film?
Stefan Sagmeister: The Happy Film: A Pitchbook by Institute of Contemporary Art, University of
An artist's attempts at achieving personal happiness, from meditation to pharmaceuticalsAustrian-born, New York-based graphic designer, typographer and artist Stefan Sagmeister (born 1962) often tests and transgresses the boundary between art and design, through his imaginative implementation of typography. The Happy Film Pitch Book both documents Sagmeister's touring exhibition, The Happy Show, and anticipates his ongoing feature length film, The Happy Film. In both projects, Sagmeister undergo
a banana with words written on it in the shape of a handwritten letter, against a blue sky background
poster for AIGA Stefan Sagmeister event
an advertisement with the words pool spelled out in front of a swimming pool and palm trees
stefan sagmeister interview
the word art written in black and white on a black background with swirly lines
stefan sagmeister on Instagram: “One piece of work from this year: a new brand for the lovely people at gut, a new kind of advertising agency. @jessicavwalsh, Thanks to…”
the word happy written in cursive writing with swirls and scrolls on it
Stefan Sagmeister The Happy Show - ICA Philadelphia
ICA - Philadelphia, PA - Stefan Sagmeister The Happy Show