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a leaf that is sitting on top of a green bench with yellow leaves around it
"On the bridge" by Raoul Pop on Flickr ~ Fallen leaves rest on balustrade and bridge during rain, Grosvenor Park, Maryland.
colorful rocks and leaves are shown in this artistic photograph, with the colors changing from green to red
Arrastra Creek
many different types of pine cones and nuts
Beautiful Jewel Tones
autumn leaves with drops of water on them
Autumn leaves
a painting of a person holding a flower in front of a full moon
A Midsummer Night's Dream — Jonathan Bartlett
an abstract painting of a tree surrounded by stars
behind the river by smokepaint on DeviantArt
a midsummer night's dream with flowers in the foreground and words on the back
a group of people standing on top of a stage in front of a forest filled with trees
Dygert Design - Design, Designer, Design Services, Museum Mount, Museum Preparator
an image of a painting with many people in the woods and one is holding his arm up
A Midsummer Night's Dream - Gustave Dore #art #homedecor #fairies #shakespeare
autumn leaves are reflected in the water on a wet surface with ripples and circles
Le 1er Octobre… - Emily B.
the sun shines through the trees and leaves in an autumn forest with steps leading up to
🎄Nikita 🎅 (@NikoLas_112) on X
an empty stage in the middle of a forest
Scott Outdoor Amphitheater
Designed by Philadelphia landscape architect Thomas Sears and completed in 1942, this naturalistic open-air theater was built on the west side of the Swarthmore College campus. Screened by holly, oriental spruce, and red cedars, the 220-foot long amphitheater is edged by a low stone wall edged with mature rhododendrons.