golden syrup scones with golden syrup butter

Golden syrup is my favourite syrup out of all the syrups. I mean I love maple syrup, treacle and honey and I know they’re probably way healthier (I don’t even really know how golden sy…

Nigel Slater's classic treacle sponge recipe

Nigel Slater's classic treacle sponge recipe

Honeycomb with Golden Syrup - this looks fun and easy to make!

Honeycomb with golden syrup

Golden Syrup Rice Pudding – via Frugal Feeding

Made this March Actually turned out really well, nice & creamy. Much better than my baked attempt yrs ago! Even I like it & I'm not really a rice pudding fan.

Golden Syrup Loaf Cake

Golden Syrup Loaf Cake

How to make a Golden Syrup Loaf Cake. Recipe for golden syrup loaf cake. Egg free cake perfect for those with dietary requirements.

Golden Syrup Scones - I adore Lyle's Golden Syrup and can't wait to make these

Golden Syrup Scones-caster sugar is "superfine" sugar. Single cream is light cream.

Treacle sponge drizzled with golden syrup and placed on a plate.

Treacle Sponge Pudding

Another treat for treacle lovers comes in the form of the syrup sponge. A traditional steamed English pudding, you can cheat and put in the microwave these days, but don't forget the custard.

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