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Defective or Dangerous Electrical Wiring - Help Repair My house Electrical Wiring Diagram, Electrical Work, Wet Floor, Porsche, Cord Cover, Electric Shock, Light Fittings, Home Repair, Being A Landlord

Defective or Dangerous Electrical Wiring Claim in the United Kingdom

The landlord is responsible for any appliances that they supply within the property. That includes for instance cookers, microwaves, kettles, washing machines etc. The electrical system – i.e. the wiring in the property, all plug sockets and light fittings are also the responsibility of the landlord. All of these must be in full working order and be maintained to these standards.

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Defective Windows and Doors Claim in the United Kingdom

A council or housing association landlord is usually responsible for keeping a home in a decent condition and doing any repairs it needs. Windows and doors should be secure and work properly.

Defective Boiler - Help Repair My house Wet Floor, Electrical Work, Cord Cover, Home Safes, Boiler, Heating Systems, Light Fittings, Home Repair, Health And Safety

Defective Boiler Claim in the United Kingdom

If you are a tenant and your boiler or heating system breaks, meaning that you have no heating or hot water, your tenants’ rights dictate that your landlord must take steps to fix the problem within a reasonable time-frame, usually 1-3 days after the issue has been reported.

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Defective Roofing and Gutters Claim in the United Kingdom

Tenants can sought damages for a defective roof/gutter causing water penetration in the property.

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Housing Disrepair Cracks Claim in the United Kingdom

Your landlord could be responsible for any cracks to the external and internal walls as this allows for damp or cold air to ingress.

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Leaks, Flooding or Water Damage Claim in the UK

If the landlord didn't fulfil his duty to keep the plumbing in good order, he could be responsible for paying for any losses, which would include property damage (e.g. if the tenant's belongings are damaged) or a heightened water bill.

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Mould, Fungus or Dampness Claim in the United Kingdom

It is both a landlords legal responsibility and a duty of care to their tenants to make sure their property is free of damp and mould. Living with damp and mould isn't only miserable, it also endangers a tenant's health.

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Pests and Vermin Infestations Claim in the United Kingdom

Your landlord is responsible for dealing with infestations of pests and vermin if: it was caused by a disrepair issue such as a hole in the wall, your tenancy agreement says your landlord should make sure the property is fit to live in, and you live in a furnished home and the pests were there before your tenancy started.

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Housing Disrepair Claims in the United Kingdom

Housing Disrepair Claims, Council houses disrepair claims.