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A mild summer evening on your own balcony – wonderful. But what if you don’t have a balcony? The Dutch architecture studio HofmanDujardin have developed the Bloomframe Window, a two-part window that transforms into a folding balcony in a short time.

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The CABRIO® Balcony turns a roof window into an instant balcony in seconds and is a great way to add value to your home too. The VELUX CABRIO® balcony comes with safety glass as standard which combines a toughened outer pane and a laminated inn

Add real value to your property with a balcony roof window. Bet it's not as expensive as you might think! Click on the image to find out what's balcony options are available for your loft conversion and just how inexpensive they are.

Loft conversion - Add real value to your property with a balcony roof window

Large roof window that turns into a balcony. The upper sash opens upwards. The bottom sash tilts forwards 45 degrees with side rails that extend during its opening. When the lower sash is closed, the balcony rails hide inside the window and are not visible above the roof surface. ~ Fakro Design

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Enjoy panoramic views and the feel of bright, open space The VELUX CABRIO balcony system fits snugly to the roof when closed but with a surprisingly gentle push it becomes a Juliet-style balcony in seconds. At prices far lower than the RRP, it's a low-cost luxury you'll fall in love with.

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Windows converting to balconies - great idea!

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The ultimate daylighting experience, the GDL CABRIO™ balcony roof window opens to create a roof balcony, transforming unused attics or above-garage bonus rooms into extraordinary living space that embraces the best of the outdoors.

The CABRIO Balcony Windows go from a roof window to a balcony in seconds. Top half opens like a traditional roof window for days no balacony is wanted.

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