hearts in the snow...the red boots are pretty darn appropriate!

For a snowy Valentine's Day, hearts in the snow would be a fun thing to do.the red boots are pretty darn appropriate! You could mix red food coloring with water in a spray bottle and "color" the hearts!

winter sun

Glittering icicles and sparkling snowflakes. Fresh snow in a crisp woods. A distant fire on a dark winter night. Falling snow and Christmas tree glow.

love it!! Also reminds me of when I've walked barefoot in snow many times. Looove this.

Footsicles by Pink Sherbet Photography

beautiful winter snow pictures

beautiful and fun winter/snow pictures

Snow on trees and leaves makes me happy

When autumn meets winter. The snow lightly kisses the leaves. I so miss the seasons. Especially autumn and winter.

Beautiful snow pictures (4)

80 Examples of Snow Photography To Frost Your Screen

Petits flocons ...

Winter time is on, and last night the east coast got hit with a big snow storm that left everything white. So I decided to share some incredible black & white photography of snow wonderland.