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my friend- "what kind of music do you like" me- *dramatically looks around* me- *leans in* me- (whispers) "you don't understand"

Gymnastics Ballet Video Will Leave You Speechless (VIDEO) | HuffPost

After seeing this incredible gymnastics ballet video we are left with many questions.

I love everything about this ad..

Some Les Mis humor. Do we have fandom names (like how Sherlock fans are Sherlockians and H. fans are Potterheads)?

This would be more funny if Marius had actually been conscious. Really, he had no idea how Jean Valjean carried him, so he must have guessed he had been carried "like a babe." Fan fail. (Nerd moment...)

Ok so in the Broadway production he is carried like a baby, only because it is a stage and NOT A REAL SEWER! This is a movie thus being a realistic sewer! Never make fun of Musicals!