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a painting with people swimming in the water and onlookers standing around it
Review | Artist Noah Davis died tragically at age 32. A New York show reveals a great lost talent.
a painting of two people sitting on a couch with their arms around each other,
Noah Davis Is Gone; His Paintings Continue to Hypnotize (Published 2020)
Noah Davis Is Gone; His Paintings Continue to Hypnotize - The New York Times
a painting of a man sitting in a chair with his hands on his hipster's back
by Jennifer Packer *[Image in my board "Burning Yellow"]
a painting of a man sitting on top of a purple chair in front of a pink wall
ALONGTIMEALONE: jennifer packer
a painting of trees in the snow with light coming through them and shadows on the ground
an abstract painting of people in the woods
Aaron Douglas
an oil painting of a road in the middle of winter with snow on the ground
Peter Brook (b. 1927) , Long Pennine Winter | Christie's
a black and white drawing of a house in the woods with snow on the ground
Deb Garlick House Paintings
Deb Garlick House Paintings
a black and white drawing of a woman with her back to the camera
Continually Torn Apart
an empty room with a door and window
notes from the studio
amaki09: journalofanobody: opekasit: skies-of-ultramarine: (via plphny, silent-musings)
an image of a city street with cars parked in the parking lot next to tall buildings
an abstract painting with black and white colors on the water's edge is shown
Cliffs at South Stack by Sir Kyffin Williams R.A. | Duncan R. Miller Fine Arts
an image of birds flying over the water and rocks in the ocean with seagulls
Norman Ackroyd, Sea of the Hebrides, 2018
a person standing in front of a wall with a quote on it that says life should always be at the edge
Fan Ho: finding love and light in 1950s Hong Kong – in pictures
an abstract painting with red and white buildings in the foreground, against a black background
Pittsburgh, 1922. Louis Lozowick. Oil on canvas - Kafka's Apartment
an empty room with no one in it, and the windows are open to let in light
Mandy Payne - Paintings gallery
an abstract painting of a building with stairs leading up to the entrance and windows on each side
Mandy Payne - Artist, painter, printmaker
an oil painting of a room with sunlight coming through the window and onto the floor
Simon Adjiashvili
simon adjiashvili Untitled 2009 acrylic on canvas
an image of sunlight coming in through the window and casting shadows on the wall behind it
Arduino Cantàfora - Finestra II (vinilico e olio su tavola, 2016)
a painting of a person sitting in the snow
Indian in the Snow
Indian in the Snow 1972 Fritz Scholder Born: Breckenridge, Minnesota 1937 Died: Phoenix, Arizona 2005 acrylic on canvas 30 x 30 in. (76.2 x 76.2 cm) Smithsonian American Art Museum Gift of Benjamin P. Nicolette 1980.107 Not currently on view
a painting of a man riding on the back of a horse in purple and blue
Why The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts Is One To Watch
Fritz Scholder (1937-2005), Indian Power, 1972, Oil on canvas. Denver Art Museum, Gift of Vicki and Kent Logan © Estate of Fritz Scholder.
a painting of people walking and riding their bikes in front of a building with yellow signs on it
The Road from Work
an old building has been altered to look like it is in the middle of town
an old building with trees in front of it
a drawing of an old building in the middle of a street with no cars on it
an abstract painting with blue vases and boxes
Two Magnificent Mondrian Works Reveal the Artist's Experimentation with Naturalism
a painting of an old building with two windows
Thomas Jones: A Wall in Naples
an image of a cityscape with buildings in the background
Lyonel Feininger: Watercolors and Drawings - Past Exhibitions
a painting of a snow covered field with a fence and trees in the foreground
Andrew Wyeth - WetCanvas: Online Living for Artists
a drawing of sand dunes with trees in the distance
Summer Sands by Robert Freeman Worthley
a painting of a person kneeling down
a drawing of people walking down the street in front of a building with a red background
London Drawings — Lyndon Hayes
two people are walking on the beach with an ocean in the background and one is wearing a white dress
Portfolio of figurative work by Sheryl Daane Chesnut
two white boats sitting on top of a grass covered field next to a house and water
ramblings – Space & Thyme
a painting of a bathtub in front of a window
Andrew Wyeth: Her Room
a snowy landscape with trees in the background
A Winter's Invitation
an oil painting of a train coming down the tracks
sui binari
an abstract painting with black and white colors
two paintings of flowers in vases next to a painting of a house on the wall
Houses - Theophrastos Triantafyllidis -
a drawing of a red door and tree in front of a white building
The Pink Door by Dominique Eichi
a drawing of some kind of green plant
Simple still life drawings of food - Inkyhands
Pen and Ink - Onions #art #food #stilllife #onion #drawing #illustration #scallyoinion
the snow covered ground is next to tall buildings and street lights in front of an overcast sky
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the edge 2008-2010 by Alexander Gronsky Photography
a painting of an apartment building in the city
an image of a painting of a building in the night time with no people around it
an abstract painting of blue and white buildings
Pete Monaghan
three people are sitting on the ground in front of a building and one person is kneeling down
Harold Riley Art
an image of a man walking his dog in the rain with trees and buildings behind him
civilian popcorn
an abstract painting with black, white and red colors on it's edges is shown
Lynne Strover
an abstract painting with blue and grey colors
Живопись Tony Allain
an abstract painting of a building with a clock tower on it's top and another building in the background
drawings of sketches for sale
a drawing of an old building with lots of windows
Welcome to Duncan Miller Fine Arts, London
a drawing of a red building on a street corner
Tenement - Joan Eardley
a drawing of two people sitting at a table in front of a stove top oven
a drawing of a birdcage next to a window with city buildings in the background
Joey and the Birthday Present: Wonderful Vintage Illustrations from Anne Sexton’s Little-Known 1971 Children’s Book