Olly Murs - Just a bit of a dreamboat

Dont ever change the way you are, you light the sky just like a star, I dont care what you say you're beautiful to me ~ Olly Murs, Beautiful to me.

Olly Murs is frankly adorable! We just want to pinch his cheeks

10 Of The Weirdest Celebrities You Had NO Idea Were Twins

Love olly hats some people just don't suit them but this is so obviously not the case here x

Niall Horan & olly murs love them so much!

Niall Horan and Olly Murs!<<<Niall's facial expression is the best thing ever<<< his butt chin gets to me<<< the hat and jacket look so good on him!

want me to love you? heres how. 1. be olly murs. 2. be olly murs. 3. bring olly murs to me.             :) :) :)

want me to love you? be olly murs. be olly murs. bring olly murs to me.

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