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Meghna Sookhraz

Meghna Sookhraz
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sign language for i love you, cute small tattoo perfect! Omg so perfect! When we couldn't hear each other on Skype when justin was in Afghanistan we would sign . And it became our norm. So "us"!


Taylor's is bæ but Shawn is my main and then Taylor is bar Jr.

mate wtf like millions of shades of grey XD

Oh my Goodness ADSGDJSSGFHGGKHVBFWSTYFGF. Do you realize what'll happen if and when the boys do an entire shoot in suits? It'd kill off half of the fam.<<<but ashtons still bad ass in his bandana lol

y does he make me so frustrated i'm a fucking michael girl stay in yo lane

the grandfathers, the fathers, the sons... Green Day, All Time Low, 5 Seconds Of Summer...

the grandfathers, the fathers, the sons. green Day to All Time Low to 5 Seconds Of Summer<< im for real crying. they look up to them just like a son would look up to his dad and/or grandfather and it makes me so happy :')<<< this pin is my life