I would love to make a cake decorated with fondant rainbow hearts. Actually if I had a time machine this would be my wedding cake.

I ♥ Rainbows Cake

Such a darling rainbow heart cake from Erin of Wild Orchid Baking. Such great inspiration for a rainbow birthday party!

Lovely Rainbow Cake - I like the colors she used instead of Primary colors. And both the bow & rainbow is pearly.

Somewhere over the Rain{BOW}.there are LOTS of sprinkles! - Buttercream cake covered entirely in rainbow sprinkles. Bow is made with fondant (mixed with tylose) as is the rainbow.love this cake!

How to make a (really simple) Rainbow Cake that tastes DELICIOUS! Thousands of people have made this recipe successfully - even kids and first time bakers! Rainbow Cake is the perfect cake for a childrens birthday party or pride event!

Easy 6-Layer Rainbow Cake

Easy-easy Rainbow Cake recipe with NO WEIRD INGREDIENTS - it's just a delicious vanilla sponge! Topped with GORGEOUS Cream Cheese frosting. Perfect for kids birthdays (and big kids too!

Carnival - Cake  http://floridahoganfamily.blogspot.com/2013/10/camryns-carnival.html

This is a great cake that seems to combine ideas. Since we're doing a rainbow and flower garden, I thought this was potentially a good approach. I don't think we'd need three layers - two should be enough.