Why am I saving a Zelda post to this board? Because if you know the story of Zelda from "Breath of the Wild", you might find her plight, at least conceptually, extremely familiar. Sobbed like a baby for her in the scene where she prays at the spring.

It’s okay not to be strong. Breath of the Wild - Princess Zelda by Finni Chang

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I think BotW is one of the zelda games that gives Link the most personality, and i really enjoy that aspect of the game.

Link botw by sakimichan

Link botw by sakimichan, Digital Painting, Breath of the Wild Fan Art, Illustration, Inspirational Art

captaindazya: “ Breath of the Wild is really fun! Deep inside it! Coloring by dear Mtfy ;D ”

[-+ When I close my eyes She's waiting for me +-] by AngelJasiel

Link "the hero of the wild" and Princess Zelda from The legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild. [-+ When I close my eyes She's waiting for me +-]