Credit: (c) 2012 Jenny Saville, image courtesy Gagosian Gallery Atonement Studies: Central Panel (Rosetta), 2005-06

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Jenny Saville, Atonement Studies: Central Panel (Rosetta), (c) 2012 Jenny Saville (courtesy Gagosian Gallery) Her work sure makes you feel something

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Blurry messy face and clear eye CUZ I see the world clearly but it doesn't see me clearly

Jenny Saville

Good Artist Models for Painting Students

Jenny Saville - Self

At the end of Assignment my tutor suggested that I looked at the work of Jenny Saville and Paula Rego before the drawing figures section.

Jenny Saville - woman undergoing plastic surgery. A compellingly repulsive image which is exquisitely painted. But is it repulsive because it resembles violent death, or because it shows what women will undergo to conform to conventional standards of beauty?

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Jenny Saville Figure 1997 Oil on canvas x . There are too many "happy portraits" on TV and magazines, c.