Ignite Evolution Fitness

From 2016 to 2019, Ignite Evoluton Fitness was a place for Sanctuary + Strength. Offering Yoga, Pilates & Fitness...and so much more.
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a group of people sitting in a room with laptops on the floor and chairs around them
Open House + Workshops
Who says you need a table + chair to share some wisdom?
a group of people doing yoga in a room
Ignite Evolution Fitness Family
an advertisement for a yoga class with images of people doing different poses in the background
Ignite Evolution Fitness Marketing
Self-taught meant we tried a few different ways to get our message out into the community
a woman doing a handstand in front of a sign that says hit and stretch
a woman doing an exercise on a yoga mat with the words ignte your core above her
a group of people sitting on yoga mats in a field with lights above them and one person standing up
Ignite Evolution Fitness + Fundraising
We were so honoured to be invited to share an outdoor yoga practice to help raise funds.
a woman doing a handstand on top of a roof with the words yoga for beginners above her
the logo for ignite evolution fitness
Ignite Evolution Fitness
In the few years, our logo underwent it's own evolution.
a collage of photos with women doing yoga poses and the words love my tribe
Ignite Evolution Laughter
And can you tell we had a lot of fun....laughing together?
two women doing exercises on stage at ignite convention in front of a large screen
2016 Acroyoga Performance + Demo
Our team was invited to share in front of hundres, even before we opened the doors of the studio (renovations are killer, y'all)
four different pictures of women doing yoga poses
The Power of Women at Ignite Evolution Fitness
Y'all the beautiful humans who were part of our leadership team were nothing short of amazing.
a woman sitting on a yoga mat with the words mindful movement yoga in front of her
an empty room with the words revitalizing morning yoga
a pair of dumbbells sitting on top of a mat in front of a wall with the words yoga sculpt strength and intensity weights
Yoga Sculpt
Unique yoga class using light weights & HIIT!