Lady of Fire: The Immortal Elements

The story of Moireach, Lady of Fire, began as a dream in 2013 and took me to the year 1666. Her story could be the story of any woman who has questioned her…
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Lady of Fire
The year is 1666, and for nearly twenty years, Lady Moireach MacRae has been living a sheltered life of privilege and luxury among the aristocratic society of London’s finest. But when her father demands she marry a man more than twice her age, she defies convention and rebels.
two women dressed in costumes holding swords and talking to each other while standing next to an american flag
Becoming Lady of Fire with a Sword
And then they put a sword in my hands (ok, relax it was just plastic + foam, no harm was caused).
a woman is holding a wine glass in her hand with the words oh bin on it
K.A.R.M.A. - Capítulo 41 - "Akasha."
#wattpad #ficcin-general Te damos la bienvenida a nuestro hogar. Para poder disfrutar de nuestra historia, solo debes seguir tres simples reglas: 1. Por ningún motivo, debes separarte de mí, permanece siempre a mi lado. 2. No importa lo que escuches, jamás debes tocar lo que hay a tu alrededor. 3. Por último, y la más impo...
a woman wearing a red and black dress
Becoming Lady of Fire
When you get a chance to attend the Crown & Dagger Ball in Edinburgh, Scotland, inspired to become the heroine of your first published novel!
an ornately decorated living room with red velvet couches
a dining room with tables and chairs in front of two large arched windows, lit by candles
The Witchery | Boutique Hotel & Restaurant in Edinburgh
Outfits, Dresses, Red Queen, Gryffindor Aesthetic, Bal, Style, Trendy
Shorty Colombo
a chair on fire with the words written in spanish above it and an image of a throne that appears to have been set on fire
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a woman in a long dress is on fire
a woman with red hair is dressed in an orange dress and holding two fire balls
Red-hair Witch in Fire, jyuusann ueaki
a purple chair with flames on it and a mirror in the back ground that is lit up
Burning Issues
a painting of a woman standing in front of a fire with her arms stretched out
Fireplace Fairy by Aurinart on DeviantArt
there are two benches in the middle of an old building with stone arches and windows
Edinburgh Castle - The Iconic Scottish Tourist Attraction
Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland.