Printable Measuring Length Learning Centre Mats

The Measuring Length Activity Mats provide a hands-on opportunity for children to indirectly measure a range of pictures and write their answers on a record

Digging for Dinosaur Bones Maths Game

Digging for (salt dough) dinosaur bones maths game - from The Imagination Tree (",) Make bones for dinosaur garden

Jack and the Beanstalk day. Measuring things using his footprint, dissecting the seeds, and writing sight words that hatched out of golden eggs.

Length, Measurement and Patterning with Playdough Snakes.

Length, Measurement & Patterning with Playdough Snakes. Hands-on, Playful Maths for kids. My kids' play dough snakes never looked this cool! Have to try the additions.

The children will be investigating length next week. I've set up the table with twigs, numbers, cubes and a ruler.