Zander Olsen

Tree, Line by Zander Olsen Zander Olsen’s project is a series of landscape interventions, called “Line Tree.” Olsen plays around with the relationship between trees and the sky.

Giant ice circles, Siberia. Land art, Jim Denevan.

World's Largest Artwork Created on Frozen Lake Baikal: Jim Denevan, who created the previous worlds-largest-artwork in the Nevada desert last year, headed out to Siberia this year to draw these beautiful patterns on ice with a team of helpers and a broom.

Richard Serra - Guggenheim - Bilbao

Between Torus. I have a major art crush on Richard Serra (as evidenced here). I love how he plays with space and our expectations.

Fujiko Nakaya Nuage Permanent - 2013

Fujiko Nakaya Nuage Permanent Chaumont sur Loire 2013 Love the mist garden, want to make one!

Richard Serra - Guggenheim - Bilbao

Richard Serra - A Matter of Time / Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao