Lollipop sticks for fairy doors

Springtime Mickey Bark

Fairy Doors- put on tree trunks or pots Craft Stick Fairy Doors. This is such a simple, easy project to add magic to the garden. Make a bunch and place them on flower pots and tree trunks!

I could use a hand from each of my students

Top 10 Best Preschool Christmas Crafts

Recipe: Peppermint Creams- your little ones can help you make these for the Holidays and give them away as gifts.


Recipe: Peppermint Creams- of icing sugar, also known as powdered sugar egg white ◾Juice from a lemon ◾Peppermint essence ◾Green food colouring ◾Chocolate melts for cooking

Frozen Pumpkin by a Pumpkin and a Princess

Disney Frozen Elsa Pumpkin - a sparkly pumpkin made with glitter, rhinestones, snowflakes, and a princess tiara.

printable hand drawn gift tags

Gift Wrapping Ideas and Printable Tags