Color Changing Carnations. A visually appealing Science activity. Also a great way for kids to learn how water is absorbed by plants and how it travels through the different parts of a flower.

Love this classic color changing flower experiment for kids! White carnations or daisies with food color. Water will soak up and color flowers. Learn how flowers "drink" water

A few weeks ago the girls and I did a project that I've been enjoying every day since. We repurposed 2 liter bottles and turned them into self-watering plante

How To: Self-Watering Seed Starter Pots

How To Make Self-watering Seed Starter Pots. We are excited to share with you this recycling project. It is truly green and fun. You do not only recycle those plastic water bottles, but also make self-watering seed starter pots for you to start your herb

Eggs by breed via The Chicken Chick on Facebook.

Chicken Resources Directory

Backyard chicken keeping information, tips, photos DIY projects with a splash of creativity by Kathy Shea Mormino, The Chicken Chick

Take the base of celery to regrow when done making snacks and sit in window in colored water. Watch it grow in technicolor!!!

Toddler Science: Celery Experiment, Learn about Plants and How They Absorb Water in This Science Project for Kids. Preschoolers can see how the different colored water will affect the celery.

Books About Seeds and tips for gardening with kids

Looking for tips on gardening with kids? You are in the right spot! Spring time is our favorite time of year. The kids and I get so excited to start planing our seeds and begin working in the garden. We love to start our plants inside early and watch the

Activities: Explore Earth Science and Make a Worm Hotel

Explore Earth Science and Make a

Kindergarten Plants, Animals & the Earth Activities: Explore Earth Science and Make a "Worm Hotel" @ Chris ;

This Life cycle of a sunflower display is a wonderful idea if you don't have much space! Also a great way of taking the lesson out doors. Download all these resources from Twinkl.

This Life cycle of a sunflower display is a wonderful idea if you don't have…