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a person is pointing at two towels hanging on a towel rack with red crosses over them
Wood Prime Móveis e Decoração on Instagram: "Olha que linda fica essa dobra de toalha! Aprendemos com a @donnadomesticas e não poderiamos deixar de compartilhar com vocês para deixar o banheiro/lavabo com aquele toque de cuidado. Comenta aqui embaixo se você já vai fazer ⬇️ #woodprime #decoracaolavabo #decoracaobanheiro #moveisedecoracao #dobradetoalha #decoração"
chocolate roll decorated with holly leaves and red berries on a platter for christmas desserts
Last Minute Gift Idea...Swiss Roll Towels
a three tiered cake with pink and white flowers on it's side, wrapped in ribbon
Pamper Cakes | Gift Cakes
four different pictures of teddy bears made out of brown and white towels with bows on them
How To Make Washcloth Teddy Bear - Video | The WHOot
a person holding a brown teddy bear in their left hand with both hands on it
Hand Towel as Hand Bear | DIY Towel Teddy Bear/DIY gift toys for kids/ towel toys/ DIY Toy Tutorial
two baskets filled with kitchen utensils sitting on top of a table next to each other
Diy House Warming Gift Crafts Kitchens 65 Ideas For 2019
two blue and white cloth bags with tags on them sitting on top of a wooden table
Kitchen Angels made from towels, pot holders, & wash cloth. My mom loved these!