Diversity in academia

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microagression, microprejudice; stereotype threat; women and minorities in academia

Melanie Stefan
Minimalist Posters Celebrating Six Pioneering Women in Science -You can find Posters and more on our website.Minimalist Posters Celebrating Six Pioneering Women in Science - Science Art, Teaching Science, Science Education, Science And Nature, Science Posters, Science Images, Science Quotes, Science Projects, Earth Science

Minimalist Posters Celebrating Six Pioneering Women in Science

One designer’s homage to Marie Curie, Jane Goodall, Rosalind Franklin, Grace Hopper, Rachel Carson, and Sally Ride.

Academic research plays an important role in uncovering bias and helping to shape a more equal society. But academia also struggles to adequately confront persistent and entrenched gender bias in i… Science Topics, Social Science, Career Education, Higher Education, Stereotype Threat, Research Sources, London School Of Economics, Annotated Bibliography, Job Search Tips

Gender Bias in Academe: An Annotated Bibliography of Important Recent Studies

Danica Savonick and Cathy N. Davidson Last updated May 1, 2018 (NB: Although we continue to work together to find and confer on entries to this annotated blog, Cathy N. Davidson would like to acknowledge that Danica Savonick is the lead author and continues to lead this project some years after it launched in its first, much more modest iteration. We are gratified that it has

Explore the best Pierre Curie quotes here at OpenQuotes. Quotations, aphorisms and citations by Pierre Curie Marie Curie, Pierre Curie, Nobel Prize In Physics, Library Science, Teacher Assistant, Science Photos, Physicist, Portraits, Guinea Pigs

If Male Scientists Were Written About Like Female Scientists

"A devout husband and father, Darwin balanced his family duties with the study of the specimens he brought from his travels."

A new study of Harvard Business School graduates from HBS’s Robin Ely and Colleen Ammerman and Hunter College sociologist Pamela Stone shows that high-achieving women are not meeting the career goals they set for themselves in their Hunter College, Woman Back, Married Men, Secret To Success, Dangerous Woman, Business School, Harvard, Human Rights, Feminism

Children don't ruin women's careers — husbands do, Harvard study finds

Women aren't failing to meet career goals because they’re 'opting out' when they have kids, but because they’re allowing their partners’ careers to take precedence

THURSDAY, July 2015 (HealthDay News) -- High levels of job stress may increase the risk of sick leave due to mental health disorders, a new study suggests. What You Can Do, Just For You, Hostile Work Environment, American Psychological Association, Bored At Work, Stress Disorders, Mental Disorders, E-mail Marketing, Affiliate Marketing

Women Are Seen As Better Coders - But Only If Their Gender Isn't Known

The year is 2016 and unfortunately, sexism is still commonplace. The latest manifestation of this has appeared in the field of coding: Although women are c

Cartoon of men airing sexist views to each other Stereotype Threat, Empirical Research, Storm In A Teacup, Intersectional Feminism, Psych, Diversity, A Good Man, No Response

"Just" Joking? Sexist Talk in Science - Absolutely Maybe

I’m a scientist who’s also a cartoonist. So I’ve got a pretty keen interest in scholarship and empirical research on humor. And I…

Bibliometrics: Global gender disparities in science : Nature News & Comment. Stereotype Threat, Science And Nature, Author, Positivity, Diversity, News, Writers

Bibliometrics: Global gender disparities in science

Cassidy R. Sugimoto and colleagues present a bibliometric analysis confirming that gender imbalances persist in research output worldwide.

See how visual artists around the globe are using their art to challenge gender bias and outdated gender roles to create a new, more inclusive world. Gender Issues, Gender Roles, Stereotype Threat, Kate Bennett, What Is Gender, Street Harassment, Barcelona, Gender Stereotypes, Feminism

Science and sexism: In the eye of the Twitterstorm

Social media is shaking up how scientists talk about gender issues.

MU students share examples of how they encounter racism in their daily lives Stereotype Threat, Higher Education, Social Justice, Diversity, Knowledge, Students, Learning, Life, Black

MU students tell their stories of everyday racism

In their own words, students tell us how racism plays out in their lives, often in subtle ways.

Five “Don’ts” for Introducing a Female Speaker (And Why This Matters) Stereotype Threat, Diversity, Lab, Dance, Female, Women, Dancing, Women's, Labs

Five “Don’ts” for Introducing a Female Speaker (And Why This Matters)

Five "Don'ts" for introducing a female speaker

an interesting graphFor several popular programming languages, this chart shows the gender breakdown of the owners of public GitHub repositories. Hacker School, Stereotype Threat, Different Programming Languages, Programming Tools, Open Source Code, Brass Tacks, Female Names, Science And Technology, Gender

Exploring the data on gender and GitHub repo ownership

an interesting graphFor several popular programming languages, this chart shows the gender breakdown of the owners of public GitHub repositories. Each owner’...

'Think about the bigger picture': life lessons from Meryl Streep and other successful women Female Pleasure, Feminist Theory, Malia Obama, Meet Girls, Intersectional Feminism, Women Names, Successful Women, The Guardian, At Least

Female academics face huge sexist bias – no wonder there are so few of them

A new online tool reveals the stark gender bias in how students evaluate their university lecturers. This is yet another hurdle for women in academia to overcome

Fig Males over-nominate males; females are closer to equitable in their nominations. Stereotype Threat, Biology Classroom, Diversity, Fig, Feminism, Closer, Students, Science, Female

Males Under-Estimate Academic Performance of Their Female Peers in Undergraduate Biology Classrooms

Women who start college in one of the natural or physical sciences leave in greater proportions than their male peers. The reasons for this difference are complex, and one possible contributing factor is the social environment women experience in the classroom. Using social network analysis, we explore how gender influences the confidence that college-level biology students have in each other’s mastery of biology. Results reveal that males are more likely than females to be named by peers as…

the incredible disappearing women of academia What Can I Do, I Can, Stereotype Threat, Apps, Diversity, Teaching Resources, The Incredibles, Science, Messages

but what can I do?

The theme of International Women's Day 2015 was "Make it Happen". Over the past few months I've been asked to speak on that topic at my home institution, and at other venues in Australia and in the UK. In those talks I report the stats and reasons for the poor progression of women in academia and also suggest how individuals…