A simple but very effective cake, using chocolate buttons to make flowers. To see more of our cakes please visit http://www.cakebysadiesmith.co.uk/

Going to copy this decoration for my Choc fudge cake :) Chocolate Flower Cake made with kit kats and candy discs for the flowers

Rolo cake

Ren Behan’s easy Rolo cake is made with a chocolate sponge, filled with a caramel sauce and topped with caramel and Rolos – perfect for a special occasion or simply to indulge

Lord Of The Rings Cake | Black Cherry Cakes

Lord of the Rings Cake by Black Cherry Cake Company This cake features the Eye of Sauron atop Barad-dûr balanced atop the cozy rou.

bithday cake | 40th Birthday Cake » Vanilla Bean Cake Company

birthday cakes male and make the best birthday cake. Birthday Cake May 2017 including birthday cake ideas, birthday cakes, Birthday cake designs ideas and Birthday cakes for men.

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