Threading beads onto wire & pipe-cleaners... from Rachel (",)

Mirrors, Mosaics & Threading Beads

Fine-motor fun with pipe-cleaners, beads and colanders on the Finger Gym - from Rachel (",)

Gradual Admission

Line stones and precious stones on the Finger Gym from Rachel (",)

Rocks, Stones & Pebbles

Lots of creative activities using rocks, stones, and pebbles fro Stimulating Learning with Rachel

Name recognition & fine motor fun from Rachel (",)

For the love of Pinterest

Using pipettes to drop water onto soap mats... from Rachel (",)

At the Beach

Snipping & threading rainbow straws... from Rachel (",)

Rainbow Colours

Snipping & Threading Rainbow Straws Fine Motor Activity / "Finger Gym" (from Stimulating Learning with Rachel)

Pegging 'spikes' to numbered hedgehogs. FREE printable available - from Rachel (",)

Visit Inspiration

Fine motor hole-punch fun... from Rachel (",)

Dots, Spots & Circles

Balancing at the Finger Gym from Rachel (",)

Balance & Slopes

Exploring sunflowers and beans with tweezers... and fingers - from Rachel (",)

A variety of activities linked with colour, for the Early Years classroom - from Rachel (",)

Exploring sunflowers and beans with tweezers. and fingers - from Rachel (",) Science - take pictures of what they find

Mark making in loose tea on the lightbox (free printable pattern cards) from Rachel (",)

The Tiger Who Came to Tea

Early years ideas for the story, 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea' from Rachel (",)