Five superheroes rhyme

Here is the that instigated the Peg Superheroes. There are more related resources currently hosted on TES , I will upload them onto www.

Hooty's Homeroom: Superhero Theme also has behavior superhero themed chart

I haven’t always had a theme for my classroom but I’ve decided I really like having one. For me, having a theme makes putting the room toge.

Superhero Themed Notepaper | Free Resources for Early Learning

Here is some superhero-themed notepaper that could be used to make mats for station activities.- Great for plastic stands on tables welcoming students at Open house and/or at their seats at Open House

Teacher's Pet - Superhero Certificates - FREE Classroom Display Resource - EYFS, KS1, KS2, super, heroes, certificate

Teacher's Pet - Large Superhero Cut Outs - FREE Classroom Display Resource - EYFS, superheroes, super, hero, heroes

What a brilliant idea - secret bat writing

Kinder Max on

“RT Children love using torches.We played secret messages on black paper.

Is your boy a big fan of superheroes? I believe that the best way for boys to learn is through play, and if your boy doesn’t seem interested in craft activities sometimes you just need to find a way to inspire him to get involved. Which is why I pulled together this collection of super cool, superhero crafts that your boy is sure to love!

Super Cool Superhero Crafts Boys Will Enjoy!

Superhero crafts that boys will enjoy! Want to get boys crafting? Give them something that they can really get into. Spiderman, Batman, The Hulk, Captain American and more! These superhero ideas are super cool! Click picture to go to the article.

Free the superheroes by unlocking their padlock with the correct key - one less focus - EYFS.

Number Matching- free the superhero by matching the numbered keys to their locks