☮ Zen Garden Photograph

Zen Garden Photograph by Dirk Ercken - Zen Garden Fine Art Prints and Posters…

Sea Glass Sculpture by artist Jonathan Fuller

UK based artist Jonathan Fuller uses bits of wave-worn glass he’s gathered along the Cornish coastline. Beautifully gradated sea glass, embedded into cut wood panels. I want to do something like this with my gathered sea glass

The multi talented Fiona Watson aka Wild Goose Chase on Flickr

Rocks with lines collection by Wild Goose Chase/Flicker. I have quite a collection of stripe-y rocks.

Beautiful . . .  Beginnings, Series II  By Elisa Markes Young

Series II By Elisa Markes Young - multiple layers of colours, textures - I like the long stitches that hold circular multicolored rings down.

Tessa Horrocks is a printmaking artist, inspired by nature and the microscopic world.

Tessa Horrocks - London Printmaking Artist, Pebbles are Great (colour series collagraph

lisa stevens - sea pods

lisa stevens - sea pods - ideas for bell ringers

Lorisworld on Etsy

Pebbles - Watercolor Art Print, Limited Edition - Painting by Lorisworld

Beach Rocks and weathered driftwood |  Mark Graf

Beach Rocks and weathered driftwood/Mark Graf photography/inspiration color and circles

dike stones with lichen

A compilation of colourful photos that are of interest to me. I post in colour waves or themes. None of these lovely photos are owned by me.

Fabulous Felted pebbles by delica on Etsy

Green Felted Pebble Gift Set by delica on Etsy

Stone Fields is a project from Novastructura by Italian designer Giuseppe Randazzo.

"Polar Perlin field," From the Stone Fields Series, by Giuseppe Randazzo

fab Fiona Watson arrangement

rock pool by wild goose chase

stones by Moyra Stewart

stones by Moyra Stewart

Dale Chihuly

“Royal Raspberry Seaform,” a glass sculpture by internationally celebrated artist, Dale Chihuly

Pebbles by Bambu

Bamboo Pebbles : Branch: Sustainable Design for Living

MyPebbles, Zefi's collection

MyPebbles, Zefi's collection,I miss the beach in Kincardine