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a drawing of a turtle and an octopus on a piece of paper with the words marine doodles written above it
a drawing of a fish with an arrow pointing to it's head and tail
a pencil drawing of a fish with an eyeball in it's mouth and some bubbles
Make Your Day
an image of many different pictures on a black background with the caption i love you
pls follow me
Folklore aesthetic diary where someone expresses their feelings and emotion through making it aesthetically pleasing. Collage, Taylor Swift, Journal Pages, Art Deco, Illustrators, Book Art, Book Journal, Music Journal, Journal Aesthetic
Folklore Taylor Swift Aesthetic
a person holding up a book with the words journal diary written on it and images of people's faces
Art Journaling: Tips to Fun and Therapeutic Sessions
lana journal 
aesthetic journal ideas 
journal aesthetic journal 
pretty journal
lana del ray Inspiration, Lana Del Rey, Books, Journal Writing Prompts
a spiral notebook covered in pictures and writing on it's side with the words corpse bride
someone's hand is writing on a piece of paper that has been altered to look like an old book
black and white scrapbook Art journal entry 
taylor swifts folklore page
aesthetic art journal Queen, Alt, Fandoms, Fotos, My Girl, Zitate, Style
journal entry 1 🌿🫶🏻