Great cheat sheet for what the different tips... - The decorated cookie

Cupcake Piping Perfection Tutorial: Ever wonder how pro bakers achieve all those pretty icing designs? Here's the answer.

How to quill with gumpaste and fondant (My Cake School).

Quilling with Fondant & Gum Paste

How to quill with gumpaste and fondant (My Cake School). Cute technique for decorating cakes, cupcakes, cookies, etc.- This is fondant because you can shape it into a shape like they are shaping the fondant into flowers on the cake.

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Fondant Flowers

I like the idea of using a lollipop stick for extra support for your fondant flowers !


Sweet Round Little Cake With Rosebuds Apple Blossoms And Sugar Strawberries Rosebud Technique Learned From Cotton Amp Crumbs Sweet round little cake with rosebuds, apple blossoms and sugar strawberries. Rosebud technique learned from Cotton & Crumbs!

Adorable Christmas party cakes

A princely pudding! Christmas parcel cakes

Royal cake maker Fiona Cairns's classic Christmas pud – and other festive treats – for Stir Up Sunday next weekend