Edward Steichen, "Rodin--The Eve," 1907, autochrome photograph

Rodin—The Eve, 1907 Edward Steichen (American, born Luxembourg, Autochrome

NEW YORK CITY | USA: *Photo: Ernst Haas [1978]*

New York (c Photographer: Ernst Haas --- I love this shot because of the colours and atmosphere i presents. The fact the foreground is blurred and the background is in focus also makes me feel like i'm there in the scene, standing to cross the roa

Saul Leiter 2

This is just one of the amazing photos by Saul Leiter from our brand new Spotlight called The Color of Genius.

Marc Riboud, Room Art, Kenya, Creative Photography, Monochrome, Photo Black White, Giraffes, Wildlife, Eyes

Fred Jourda Dépaysages

Fred Jourda Dépaysages

Tokyo, This graceful young woman and the man looking at her evoke the Hong Kong film "In the mood for love".