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Compassion for the self comes before love for others

Stay away from people who make you feel you’re hard to love.

Truth. So insecure with yourself that you continue to try to make me look bad

So insecure with yourself that you continue to try to make me look bad. All my life I have always defended you, but why? Sad when it's a shitty relative

Risky to give it back to a bad manager, but I'd sooner challenge than just take it.

When you realize that you're constantly treating a person a lot better than they treat you, it's time to make a change. * <-- this is my life at the moment. and yes i need to change it

28 Matching Tattoo Designs Ideas | Design Trends

Like a tattoo? I have information about Matching tattoos for best Friends, Husband and Wife, Mother Daughter or Family. Very funny and cool if you can apply in your organs sexy part.

Best friends got these matching Harry Potter inspired wrist tattoos.

Getting matching Harry Potter tattoos - 30 Tiny, Chic Wrist Tattoos That Are Better Than a Bracelet

dagger and wings tattoo - Google Search

tattoo heart by Djumah on DeviantArt

Back/Bicep Tattoo Design by CrisLuspoTattoos on DeviantArt

Here is a back and bicep tattoo design I did for someone to commemorate his mother and the importance of time and family. Back/Bicep Tattoo Design

Not sure about this one. Like the color and the cut but maybe too bland.

I wish I suited a middle parting - looks so chic.

awesome boblijn kapsels beste fotografie

shoulder length hair and hair color

Top 30 Cute Quotes for Relationship Funny Quotes

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