LS Lowry - Salford. I always feel inspired when I look at his matchstick men.

"An Organ Grinder," Lawrence Stephen Lowry, 1934

A fairground, Lowry

Lowry painting no-one knew about set to fetch £1m at auction

LS Lowry's Going to the Match [1953] depicts Burnden Park, Manchester Road, Bolton, the former home of Bolton Wanderers Football Club.

LS Lowry's 125th birthday: the matchstick master is good but he's hardly Van Gogh

LS Lowry's Portrait of a Young Man, 1955.

Portrait of a Young Man 1955 By L-S-Lowry - Oil Paintings & Art Reproductions - Reproduction Gallery

The Cripples, Manchester, United Kingdom, 1949, by LS Lowry.

Lowry After the war: The Cripples, 1949 — a tasteless depiction of the streets of 1919 (© The Lowry Collection)