Industrial Scene, 1953

Industrial Scene, 1953 by L S Lowry - art print from King & McGaw

LS Lowry - Salford. I always feel inspired when I look at his matchstick men.

"An Organ Grinder," Lawrence Stephen Lowry, 1934

L.S. Lowry "Hawkers Cart" ....I adore his pictures they are just beautiful works of Art...we have lots of large prints Love them

LS Lowry, 'The Hawker's Cart' 1929 Tate Britain Millbank London August 2013

The Cripples, Manchester, United Kingdom, 1949, by LS Lowry.

Lowry After the war: The Cripples, 1949 — a tasteless depiction of the streets of 1919 (© The Lowry Collection)

LS Lowry's Portrait of a Young Man, 1955.

Portrait of a Young Man 1955 By L-S-Lowry - Oil Paintings & Art Reproductions - Reproduction Gallery

A Village Square. L.S. Lowry

Your Paintings - Laurence Stephen Lowry paintings

Childrens Playground...... by LS Lowry... Laurence Stephen Lowry.... 11/1/1887--2/23/1976.....from England

Childrens Playground Art Print by L S Lowry at King & McGaw. I like this print because it is playful. The children are wearing nice fall colors as well.

A fairground, Lowry

Lowry painting no-one knew about set to fetch £1m at auction

A fairground, Lowry -Architecture or Urban Landscapes

LS Lowry, Coming from the Mill, 1930

L S Lowry painting

L.S. Lowry (early 1900s) Ghost people, dead eyes... There's a theory LS was on the aspergers spectrum

family portrait painting modern art J.

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