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OMG I remember using this stuff on my very dark brown hair thinking It would make me blond.instead I turned a horrid ginger colour and it ruined my hair awful stuff

Love Beads

Love Beads, Strung Seed Beads, Multi Color Seed Beads, 6 Strands CZ-018

Love Beads - I spent hours stringing beads - making rings, bracelets and necklaces.

Murray Mints ...too good to hurry mints

Murray Mints, Murray mints, the too good to hurry mints, remember those television adverts!

Waxed paper cups

Wax paper cups - Reminds me of concession stands at ball games.

Betcha did.  1970s beaded bag, little half moon shaped beads.

Betcha did. beaded bag, little half moon shaped beads. I remember the beads coming off and then picking the rest of them off ~ LOL

70s potter's wheel

Potter's Wheel - it looked so easy on telly, but I remember having to scrub the walls after this one