Jam tarts with hearts on #queensbirthday #streetparty #jamtart

27 Brilliant Ways to Make Your Street Party

British bunting and strawberries - so very british! Nothing better than British strawberries

#photobooth backdrop idea : british (or any country's flag) for a birthday or team party  The Confetti Booth | Mikes 40th British Birthday Photo Booth | Boulder, CO

backdrop idea : british (or any country's flag) for a birthday or team party The Confetti Booth

A United Kingdom: Britain is great at community spirit... we are among most likely in world to help strangers and socialise

2012 - Monday, June One of many British street parties celebrating the Diamond Jubilee. Queen Elizabeth II's been on the throne for 60 years. Only Queen Victoria ruled for longer years, 7 months).

Queen Elizabeth II Royal cypher colouring page

Each member of the Royal Family has a cypher, rather like a monogram, using initials and often a crown. Here is the royal cypher of Queen Elizabeth II for the children to colour in.

London inspired birthday party | Photography: Nisha Ravji - www.nisharavji.com   Read More: http://www.stylemepretty.com/living/2014/09/05/london-calling-1st-birthday-party/

A birthday party truly fit for a tiny king (or queen!) White Door Events ' London inspired birthday party is the bees knees and then some.

Jubilee recipe ideas celebrating the best in British food

Delicious dishes for your Diamond Jubilee street party

Jubliee Garden Party Punch

Jubliee Garden Party Punch

Garden Party Punch- Celebrate the warm-weather season with this refreshing punch from Beefeater gin. Featuring sparkling wine, pear or apple juice, and elderflower cordial, it makes for an ideal garden party sipper.

Jellied Eels #OccaHome #SummerTime

Jellied Eels #OccaHome #SummerTime

Queens Jubilee street party poster

Queens Jubilee street party poster with a wonderful photograph included. This turns the street into a temporary third place, and in my old neighborhood in London the 1977 street party led to long-term community building.